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Daewoo IMMO Emulator is used to emulate the function of IMMO immobilizer system. It could replace broken immobilizer or the car key lost. IMMO emulator Can emulate good working immobilizer for car engine control unit / Vehicle ECU. IMMO emulator is useful for car tuning specialist, when new type motor is installed in old vehicle and you need disable original immobiliser function in engine ECU.

IMMO EMULATOR Can replace defective immobilizer unit (very common problem in older cars).


Emulator supports:

Daewoo ECU's with red-white plug
Daewoo ECU's with light blue plugs

Easy to use, only three cables to connect

            NOT MADIE IN CHINA


It function after made changes in memory content (Motorola 68HC11F1) of Engine Control Module ECM.
Daewoo Immo Emulator will not work if you just connect it to non-prepared ECU!
In case of losing the car keys or a car burglary, it enable to drive off from the road to the car service.
Due to a low cost you can leave it in the car instead of buying a new immo or making car keys duplicate.
There is a possibility of using it as the additional security!!

Package Included:
1 x Daewoo Immo Emulator made in EU (very small 33mm x 28mm = 1.30" x 1.10")
1 x Complete english user manual with installation step by step and real photos (electronic version)