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This Interface allows full diagnostic of BMW's Exx series build from 1998 up to the end of production

Works with INPA Ediabas, NCSExpert, Carsoft, DIS, SSS (Progman), GT1, Rheingold and others.
(All functions as in Omitec Interface)

The smallest, best looking & highest quality of it's kind.


  • Read & erase errors
  • Adaptations
  • Coding
  • Service intervals reset
  • Real-time diagnostic lines status view
  • Code ECU (daytime running light, seat memory to key, beep after locking)
  • Specific part tests (like a lambda or mass air flow sensor
  • And others...
    Models that require K-CAN:
    • BMW 1 Series E87
    • BMW 3 Series E46 E83 E90
    • BMW 5 Series E39 E60 E61
    • BMW 6 Series E63 E64
    • BMW 7 Series E38 E65 E66
    • BMW X Series E53
    • BMW Z Series E85 E52
    Models that require D-CAN:
    • E60, E61 after 3/2007
    • E83 after 9/2006
    • E81, E87 after 3/2007
    • E90, E91, E92, E93 after 3/2007
    • E70 (New X5)
    • R56 (New Mini)
    • And others...

  • Build on new FT231XS chip (it is fastest than FT232RL)
  • Version with integrated K-line switch. Possible settings: alone pin 7 or shorted pin 7 to pin 8
  • BLUETOOTH module
  • Connects to USB (1,8m long USB A - USB B Cable, creates virtual com port)
  • Double K-Line support
  • High Speed D-CAN and PT-CAN support (500 kbit/s)
  • Low Speed PT-CAN support (100 kbit/s)
  • Battery voltage detection by control line
  • Ignition voltage detection by control line
  • Works on BLUETOOTH (only for cars with CAN) or USB port (K-line + CAN) , USB RS-232 adapter not needed

Package Included:
1 x K+DCAN USB + BLUETOOTH Interface
1 x USB A - USB B 1.8m long cable
1 x English user manual
1 x Drivers for all Windows